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Full diacritics: αὐτοκίνητος Medium diacritics: αὐτοκίνητος Low diacritics: αυτοκίνητος Capitals: ΑΥΤΟΚΙΝΗΤΟΣ
Transliteration A: autokínētos Transliteration B: autokinētos Transliteration C: aftokinitos Beta Code: au)toki/nhtos

English (LSJ)

[ι], ον,

   A self-moved, Arist.Ph.258a2, Plu. 2.952e, etc.; λογικὴ φύσις Ph.1.36, cf. Procl.Inst.14, Dam.Pr.78; of live-stock, πράγματα κινητά τε καὶ ἀκίνητα καὶ αὐ. PMasp.122.3 (vi A. D.), etc. Adv. -τως Procl.Inst.195, Alc.p.61 C.

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German (Pape)

[Seite 398] durch sich selbst bewegt od. beweglich, Plut. de Pyth. or. 21.