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Difference between revisions of "reasoning"

Ὀίκοι μένειν δεῖ τὸν καλῶς εὐδαίμονα → The person who is well satisfied should stay at home.
Aeschylus, fr. 317
(Woodhouse 4)
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P. and V. [[λόγος]], ὁ, Ar. and P. [[λογισμός]], ὁ.
<b class="b2">Ratiocination</b>: P. [[συλλογισμός]], ὁ.

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P. and V. λόγος, ὁ, Ar. and P. λογισμός, ὁ. Ratiocination: P. συλλογισμός, ὁ.