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Οὐδ' ἄμμε διακρινέει φιλότητος ἄλλο, πάρος θάνατόν γε μεμορμένον ἀμφικαλύψαι → Nor will anything else divide us from our love before the fate of death enshrouds us
Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica 3.1129f.
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Full diacritics: μάρσιππος Medium diacritics: μάρσιππος Low diacritics: μάρσιππος Capitals: ΜΑΡΣΙΠΠΟΣ
Transliteration A: mársippos Transliteration B: marsippos Transliteration C: marsippos Beta Code: ma/rsippos

English (LSJ)

ὁ, bag, pouch, X.An.4.3.11, PPetr.3p.257 (iii B.C.), PSI4.427.1, al. (iii B.C.), PCair.Zen.69.14 (iii B.C.), LXX Ge.42.27, al., f.l. in D.S.20.41; poultice, Sor.2.10,59; μάρσιππος λινοῦς = κρησέρα, Gal.19.115:—Dim. μαρσίππιον, τό, Hp.Acut.21, Apollod.Car.13, PCair.Zen.10.27, al. (iii B.C.), PPetr.3p.145 (iii B.C.), LXX Pr.1.14. μάρσιππος, μαρσίππιον, Pap. and usually in LXX; μάρσιπος, μαρσίπιον freq. v.l. in later codd., cf. Gloss.; μαρσείπειον UPZ77ii 13 (ii B.C., illiterate); μάρσυπος, μαρσύπιον, Gloss.; μαρσυπεῖον v.l. in LXX Si.18.33; μάρσυππος, μαρσύππιον, Hsch. s.vv. ἀρυβαλίδα, ἀρύβαλλοι.]

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Frisk Etymological English

Grammatical information: m.
Meaning: bag, pouch (for money), purse (X., LXX, hell. pap.);
Other forms: (codd. also -ιπος, -υπ(π)ος)
Derivatives: Dimin. μαρσίππιον (-ίπιον, -ύπ(π)ιον; Hp., LXX, hell. pap.).
Origin: PG [a word of Pre-Greek origin]
Etymology: Foreign word 1of unknown origin'. Lat. LW [loanword] marsup(p)ium, -sip(p)-; s. W.-Hofmann s. v., with lit. The word will be Pre-Greek.

Frisk Etymology German

μάρσιππος: {mársippos}
Forms: (codd. auch -ιπος, -υπ(π)ος)
Grammar: m.
Meaning: Geldsack, Börse (X., LXX, hell. Pap. u.a.);
Derivative: Demin. μαρσίππιον (-ίπιον, -ύπ(π)ιον; Hp., LXX, hell. Pap.).
Etymology : Fremdwort unbekannter Herkunft. Lat. LW marsup(p)ium, -sip(p)-; s. W.-Hofmann s. v., wo auch Lit.
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