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Full diacritics: ἔμπνους Medium diacritics: ἔμπνους Low diacritics: έμπνους Capitals: ΕΜΠΝΟΥΣ
Transliteration A: émpnous Transliteration B: empnous Transliteration C: empnous Beta Code: e)/mpnous

English (LSJ)

-ουν, v. ἔμπνοος.

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French (Bailly abrégé)

ους, ουν :
qui respire encore, qui a encore un souffle de vie.
Étymologie: ἐμπνέω.

Middle Liddell

n [from ἐμπνέω
with the breath in one, breathing, alive, Hdt., attic

English (Woodhouse)

ἔμπνους = breathing

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