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Sophocles, Antigone, 781

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verb transitive

P. and V. ἰᾶσθαι (ι rare), ἐξιᾶσθαι, ἀκεῖσθαι, P. ἰατρεύειν.

salt, pickle: P. ταριχεύειν.


P. and V. ἴαμα, τό, ἴασις, ἡ, Ar. ἐξάκεσις, ἡ, V. ἄκος, τό, ἀκέσματα, τά; see remedy.

drug: P. and V. φάρμακον, τό.

cure for: P. and V. λύσις, ἡ (gen.), φάρμακον, τό (Plato) (gen.), V. ἄκος, τό (gen.), μῆχος, τό (gen.).