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P. and V. καρπός, ὁ.

fruit of all kinds: V. παγκαρπία, ἡ.

fruits of the earth: P. and V. καρπός, ὁ, Ar. and V. ἄροτος, ὁ, στάχυς, ὁ, V. γῆς βλαστήματα, τά. γῆς φυτά, τά, P. τὰ ἐκ τῆς γῆς φυόμενα, τὰ ὡραῖα.

corn: P. and V. σῖτος, ὁ.

tree fruit: P. and V. ὀπώρα, ἡ. P. δένδρων καρπός, ὁ (Plato, Protagoras 321B).

offspring: see offspring.

time of fruit: P. and V. ὀπώρα, ἡ.

first fruits: P. and V. ἀκροθίνια, τά (sing. sometimes in V.), ἀπαρχαί, αἱ (sing. Plato, Protagoras 343B).

Met., fruits, results: P. and V. καρπός, ὁ (or pl.) (Dem. 328).

you have enjoyed the fruits of his benevolence: P. τῆς φιλανθρωπίας… ὑμεῖς… τοὺς καρποὺς κεκόμισθε (Dem 304).

reap the fruits of, v.: P. and V. καρποῦσθαι (acc.), ἐκκαρποῦσθαι (acc.), ἀπολαύειν (gen.), V. ἐπαυρέσθαι (2nd aor. of ἐπαυρίσκειν) (gen.), καρπίζεσθαι (acc.) (Euripides, Hippolytus 432).

bear fruit: V. καρποῦν (acc.).

Met., be of advantage: P. and V. ὠφελεῖν.

result: P. and V. συμβαίνειν, P. περιγίγνεσθαι.

now the curse bears fruit: V. νῦν ἀραὶ τελεσφόροι (Aesch., Seven Against Thebes 655).