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verb transitive

P. and V. κινεῖν.

Met., affect: P. and V. ἅπτεσθαι; (gen.), P. κατακλᾶν, V. ἀνθάπτεσθαι; (gen.), θιγγάνειν (gen.), ψαύειν (gen.).

overcome: P. and V. θέλγειν; (Plato but rare P.), τέγγειν (Plato but rare P.), Ar. and V. μαλάσσειν, V. μαλθάσσειν, νικᾶν.

be moved, be affected: use also P. and V. κάμπτεσθαι, P. κατακάμπτεσθαι, P. μαλακίζεσθαι, V. μαλθακίζεσθαι.

induce: P. and V. ἐπάγειν, προάγειν, προτρέπειν; see induce.

disturb: P. and V. ταράσσειν; see disturb.

move a resolution: P. and V. γράφειν; (acc. or absol.); see introduce.

move heaven and earth, met.: V. πάντα κινῆσαι πέτρον (Euripides, Heraclidae 1002).

verb intransitive P. and V. κινεῖσθαι.

go: P. and V. χωρεῖν, Ar. and V. βαίνειν.

come and go: P. and V. φοιτᾶν, ἐπιστρέφεσθαι, ἀναστρέφεσθαι, V. στρωφᾶσθαι.

move (in the game of draughts): P. φέρω, φέρειν (absol.) (Plato Republic 487C).

change one's dwelling: P. and V. μεθίστασθαι, V. μετοικεῖν, P. διοικίζεσθαι.

move out of a dwelling place: Ar. and P. ἐξοικίζεσθαι.

move from the country (to the city) (for protection): P. σκευαγωγεῖν ἐκ τῶν ἀγρῶν (Dem. 237).


plan: P. and V. βούλευμα, τό, P. ἐπιβουλή, ἡ; see plan.

change of dwelling: P. διοίκισις, ἡ.