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opposed to artificial: P. αὐτοφυής (of a harbour).

not produced by external agency: P. and V. αὐτόματος.

he awaits his natural end: P. τὸν αὐτόματον θάνατον περιμένει (Dem. 296).

implanted by nature: P. and V. ἔμφυτος (Eur., Fragment), σύμφυτος, V. ἐγγενής, συγγενής, σύγγονος.

reasonable, to be expected: P. and V. εἰκώς, εὔλογος.

as is natural: P. and V. ὡς εἰκός, Ar. οἷον εἰκός.

this is neither reasonable nor natural: P. οὔτ' εὔλογον οὔτ' ἔχον ἐστὶ φύσιν τοῦτό γε (Dem. 25).

simple, unstudied: P. and V. ἁπλοῦς.

Spanish > Greek

natural = αὐτόχθων, αὐτοδαής, αὐτόθεν, ἔμφυλος, αὐτοδημιούργητος, αὐτοκατασκεύαστος, αὐτόπονος, αὐτοπόνητος, ἄπλαστος, ἐνδιάθετος, αὐτόμορφος, αὐτοφυής, αὐτόφυτος, αὐτόσκευος, ἀνεπίπλαστος, ἀσκεύαστος, ἀβίαστος, ἀβασάνιστος, αὐτόκτιτος, ἔμφυτος, αὐτουργός, αὐτόματος, αὐτοδίδακτος, ἑκούσιος, ἐνυπόστατος, ἁπλοϊκός, αὐτοκμής, ἁπλόος

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